CHAMP: Ubiquity v Midnight – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY at – Ubiquity makes her singles debut in the Championship ring, but the Announcer is determined to see her squashed and humiliated, and sets up a fight against the much stronger Midnight. It is most pins or submissions in the time limit, inside or outside of the ring to win. Ubiquity uses her invisibility advantage well to begin with, but once she gets caught, the fight becomes a total destruction!


  • Awesome!
    I’ve been looking forward to seeing more Ubiquity.
    These two are both really strong performers, so I’m confidently expecting a very intense fight

  • I love Ubiquity. She’s definitely one of the weakest heroines, yet she has a fierce spirit, therefore always setting herself up for uttermost humiliations

  • This might be one of those rare ocassions where the villain featured is a bigger draw than the heroine herself (at least for me), specially after seeing how brutal he was with Alias and how one sided this combat seems to be as well!

    (and bonus points for the hair pulling during wrestling moves like pic 2)

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