We have a sale going on at RIGHT NOW! We let the cat out of the bag earlier in the Photo of the Day, but in case you missed it, we’re telling you again. BIG DISCOUNTS on over 90% of titles! They are all clearly marked HURRY! (If you don’t click the link then Dominator won’t release this hold, or she will, depending on your preference).


  • Excellent! And I was wondering what to do without a new vid to watch.
    Just picked up 6 (and one of them even came with a Spectrum/Wonderstrike members gift from a while back 🙂 yay)
    May be back for more, if my wallet doesn’t complain too much

  • Loved that you used Erica and this fight to promote the site. I remeber how pumped I was for that video since it marked her return and in her classic outfit no less. Clearly one of my top videos of you!!

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