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When we started producing films in 2009 there were very few releases in this genre as a whole. We pioneered the use of early bird discounts and in those days since releases were so infrequent that ‘early bird’ period could be quite long. As the years have passed however there are many, many more videos being released by all kinds of people, to the extent that there are often several out every single day globally. That’s fine but it means that we have a shorter window of time to get the attention of buyers for each release before they move onto the next one. We ourselves release 3-4 films a month where previously we released far less. For this reason I am changing the pre-release discount terms for our members:

Release to members on Friday will move to 1pm EST (6pm UK).

For the first 6 hours the discount will be even BIGGER than before. Where it was $3 in the past it will now be $5, where it was $5 in the past it will now be $7.

At around 7pm EST (Midnight UK) the discount will shrink a little to roughly what it was before these changes.

At 1pm EST (6pm UK) on Saturday the film will be released at full price on the website.

In a nutshell, discounts will be bigger, pre-release will be shorter.

I want to reward people for not sitting on the fence and buying from us at the earliest opportunity. I have some amazing things lined up for the next 12 months but they are extremely expensive because they involve flying people in from all over the world to star in them, as well as our biggest ever costume spend, so I need you all to support our films to make these big ambitions possible. Thank you.


  • Andrew as far as I’m concerned you are the best in this business and whatever you want to do or charge I’m with you.You still have the best and hottest actresses and the best videos all without going the way many other producers have gone(if you know what I mean)

  • I believe I understand and now I will describe my completely crazy and probably inaccurate thoughts.I must say that I am absolutely head over heels about your site and the fabulous content, fantastic work and the faces that go with them. I was always admiring your work from afar before I got the bug and started buying the wonderful heroic action! It is wonderful to see how far you have come and hope you will be here for as long as possible! I will be there when I can and support you the best I can!

  • Ughh. Those times put the whole first window during working hours for me, making it impossible to take advantage of the best savings.

    • Well there is a certain inevitability that someone somewhere will be working. Of course you don’t need to download the same time that you buy and also the savings for the following 18 hours will still be worthwhile.

  • 6 PM UK time until 11 PM UK time isn’t six hours, it’s five, so is the number of hours incorrect, or time incorrect? Other than that’ whilst I can see the pros / cons, what I do like about NGC is that they are trying something new again in regards members. I’ve not always agreed with how they offer things, but again, I respect that they continue to try new things for the members

    • LOL! I can’t argue with the maths. It should be 6pm to Midnight then. I’ll go and amend it. Thank you for your support, we have to do what it takes to maximise sales so that we can improve our content.

  • All I ask(and you probably already know this) is Celestia,Virtue and Comet Girl chloroformed AND carried ots with close-ups 🙂

  • I was afraid the membership was going to be a paid one. I usually bought your films on fridays since i live overseas, so these changes are not such a big deal for me. One question, when the film is released on the site at full price it means the pre- release discounts are over? Or will they last for the whole weekend as before?

    • Discounts will last 24 hours, when the video can be bought on the site they are over. This is to encourage people to buy on the first day rather than wait around a couple of days and then forget about our new film as other producers will have released newer ones. People who buy mean I can make better films, that’s all I’m interested in.

  • I, too, missed the early bird period because of work; I wasn’t able to see the email until I got home, so I won’t be buying this one. Perhaps I’ll catch the next one.

    • Well that doesn’t make much sense because there were a further 18 HOURS when there was still a discount on the product. The price has only just gone to full.

  • I don’t know what to tell you; the price had changed. I’m in the Central Time Zone of the US, if that makes any difference. I missed today’s early bird simply because I forgot there was an early bird, so my bad. But the regular price doesn’t seem so bad.

    • Mike, the price after the first 6 hours is exactly what it would be in previous member discounts, in the first 6 hours it’s even cheaper, I’m improving the deal but shrinking the amount of time that the deal lasts, that’s how it works. After 24 hours it reverts to normal pricing.

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