Alexa Topaz

fighting skills:80

Alexa was born to a drug addicted mother and an abusive father and lived with them until she was 3 at which point social services stepped in and put her into foster care. Her very difficult formative years and the nature of the care system at that time meant that she was moved from family to family and as she grew older would often ‘act up’ to hasten her abandonment by prospective adopters. By the age of 9 she had lived with seven families and was placed back into general care. Since her upbringing was so difficult and uncertain her carers put her forward for a placement in one of the Roman care homes, founded by the father of John and James in the early 1970’s as one of his many philanthropic gestures. Alexa spent her adolescence in this institution receiving high class care and therapy which seemed to take the edge off her troubled behaviour. When Roman died in 2002 there was a great fear that funding for the homes would end but James Roman, at the time only 19 himself, made special efforts to retain his fathers’ legacy. Alexa was very grateful for the care she received and although old enough to live alone by this time she would regularly send letters to James Roman thanking him for all he had done. Out of the blue she was given the chance to meet him and a friendship of sorts was forged.


James trusted Alexa enough to make her the first test subject of a new formula he had devised to make normal people incredibly strong. He could not risk giving it to someone already powered or someone he couldn’t trust so he asked Alexa. She was eager to please James but also keen to become something far better than ordinary, as if to prove a point to those who so easily left her. As the course of formula took hold and she became stronger she made it her ambition to become the most powerful woman in the world, with the might of James Romans resources behind her she stood a decent chance. By the time she makes her entrance into the story she has been taking the treatment with outstanding results for a few months but as time passes it’s problematic side-effects come to the fore.


Alexa is an ardent backer of James Roman. She has limited interest in the causes he fights for but simply trusts him entirely. It is important to her that she is vital in any proceedings, she has a large ego and feels lost in social situations that are not under her control. Her new powers have made her ambitious but this is inhibited by her various neuroses and distrust of almost anyone outside of James. She enjoys her strength and sees it as an opportunity to prove herself greater than all others.