fighting skills:70

Maria was the daughter of a doting Father and restless mother. Her mother was only 17 when she had Maria and was forced by her own parents into marriage with a friendly, but much older man. Consequently Maria’s upbringing was bittersweet, with rowing parents but much love directed to her by her Father. When Maria’s mother left the family home Maria herself was 17. At this point she began to develop powers of mind control. This power is a tremendous one, and when used sparingly it can suggest to the victim that the strange course of action they may have just taken was entirely their own idea.


Maria set out on her own determined to become a star, and with her winning looks and ultra-persuasiveness, she soon got whatever she wanted. She became a huge TV star in her native Russia and became keen to take on the world. As a chat show host her performance was remarkable. The viewer would watch in amazement as she got the most personal details from her subjects. It was not a surprise then, that she be given the honour of fronting a documentary on the stars of Elite Force and the methods involved in joining the unit. This access all areas show was the brainchild of James Roman, who met Maria on her way to stardom and could tell she was special. Under his guidance the sky would be the limit.