Arantxa Luner

Fighting Skills:


Arantxa comes from the Luner crime family that traces its roots back to the Basque region in northern Spain. Her father, Julio Luner, backed the separatist movement for decades. He was known as ‘Alma Muerta’ (Dead Soul), for the cold-blooded way he dealt with enemies. His eldest son, Sebastian, was born in 1985, and aged 5 his mother fled with him to England, in order that the boy not be raised in crime. For this, Julio had Sebastian’s mother killed, but was later exiled from Spain and made a life in England with his son. Some years later, he met an English woman named Ruth with whom he had Arantxa in 1995. While Sebastian became a dangerous enforcer and often mindless brute for his father, and later Red Mist after Julio’s arrest, Arantxa was a much more thoughtful and calculating person. When Sebastian vanished after the fall of Red Mist, the teenage Arantxa vowed to one day raise the Luner name back up, by freeing her father, and finding Sebastian. It has not been easy for a woman in a dangerous man’s world, but she inherited her father’s cold-bloodedness, and her half-brothers violent strength to give her every chance. Today, on the rise, she is working with a rogue nation to move a gain of function virus into wealthy states, in order to cause chaos that can be exploited. With the forces of law and order scattered and disjointed at the present time, it is the perfect moment to move forward with her plans.