Fighting Skills:


Sarah was born to Charles and Emily Harper in 1988. Charles Harper worked for British Military Intelligence from 1991 until his death in an overly zealous interrogation in 2002 by the CIA. It was suspected that he was passing secrets to the Iranians and although never cracked under interrogation his heart stopped as a result of electric shocks. This killing, though never proven, caused a large personal rift between members of the British secret service and the CIA. Until this point Sarah had lived a quiet and happy comfortable middle-class upbringing in London. She was a superb schools athlete and academic pupil. She was 14 when her father died, the explanation given was a heart attack while away on business (technically correct). The loss of her father scarred Sarah very deeply and she spent her mid-teens losing focus of her promising academic career where she gave into drinking and mild drugs. Since the death of Charles she and her mother had been surveilled by Charles’ former boss and friend Simon Cross. He was deeply hurt by what had happened to Charles and what his death was now doing to his family. For this reason Simon created an alias for himself and infiltrated the Harpers lives. He did this initially by wooing Emily the widow with his considerable charm and they married in 2004 making Simon, or more precisely his alias, Sarah’s step-father. Simon took notice of Sarahs problems, doing much to remove any bad influences from her life. He saw huge potential in her athletically, she seemed to have almost limitless stamina and he encouraged her into martial arts training. Simon spent a great deal of time with Sarah and began to obsess about her. His marriage to Emily was an act but he began to develop strong feelings for the daughter and before long they began an affair. This was a considerable betrayal by Simon who at first had transplanted himself into Charles Harpers life and was now taking advantage of his teenage daughter. The betrayal stretched beyond him also with Sarah enthralled by this man but also wracked with guilt about betraying her mother. It was clear to Simon that Sarah had the skills to become an agent and so shortly before her 18th birthday he revealed that he worked for MI6 and nothing more.

She gained entry to the service on his say-so and was given extensive combat and weapons training. Her job was to infiltrate Elite Force and report back her findings. She managed to get inside the training program when it was slowly discovered that her athletic prowess and stamina was more to do with a super-powered ability than simply good genetics. It turns out that Sarah has a ‘Second Wind’ in fights, allowing her to completely replenish all energy whenever she is near defeat. This is a tremendous survival power as it gives her the opportunity to get away from danger or finish a difficult job. She became torn over whether to keep reporting against Elite Force, when in reality she is more like them than any secret agency could have believed possible.

Bluebird has had many difficult opponents over the years. Her key grudges are against Eliza Rose, Rex Deacon, and Alaric. Eliza took exception to Bluebird beating her in their first encounter and vowed revenge. She got it when they met once more in Season 2’s ‘Dark Pact’, helping Alaric to take Bluebird prisoner. During her captivity Eliza made Bluebird’s life hell by forcing her to fight endlessly and brainwashing her into submissiveness. Their biggest fight of all came in ‘The Grudge’ however after Bluebird escaped. A fight which ended up being to the death. Bluebird battled Rex Deacon throughout the course of mini-series ‘Bluebird 2020’. They had many close and brutal encounters and there is no love lost between them. Alaric has proved to be Bluebird’s true Achilles heel however. His sheer power and style has simply squashed her in each encounter.

More recently Bluebird in an amazing turn of events acquired great power when caught in between Rex Deacon and Jacob Saints abilities. This led to a victory and the new name ‘Super-Bluebird’. For the next year her amazing strength allowed her to bring about world peace. But this created enemies and a very shady operation created a synthetic version of Super-Bluebird’s power and placed it in a female called ‘Sister Fate’. Super-Bluebird was lured into a trap and made to fight Sister Fate whose refined power far out-weighed her own. The pain inflicted appeared to finally break Bluebird’s spirit, and she surrendered to Sister Fate and had her powers removed in front of a global TV audience.

After a timeless period of being auctioned across the galaxy, Bluebird’s final disaster came at the hands of the Crown Prince of the 7th Dimension. He used a very large Redstone to travel in time and bring a young Sarah Harper before Sister Fate, with a view to corrupting all Bluebird’s across all parallel dimensions. Sister Fate used her hatred of Bluebird to propel her in a brutal offence against the inexperienced Sarah. Leading inevitably to the young pre-Bluebird’s capitulation and with the use of Redstone, the total corruption of her soul. Bluebird now exists only as the compliant play-thing of her Mistress, a toy for her amusement.