Captain Liberty II

fighting skills:81

Christy is the daughter of Trent Anderson, the original Captain Liberty. She happily inherited his great strength and Elite Force were only too happy to allow her into their ranks. Christy for her part is less certain. She remembers the way that the Force treated her father, whose leadership role was removed when the decision was taken to move away from male heroes. She saw the effect this rejection had on him and feels she now has the honour of her family to prove. Can Elite Force make it up to her? Have they even considered this? These questions and more are likely to be answered as the new female Captain Liberty is set for a leadership role in the overhauled Elite Force under the watchful eye of Equilibrium.


Christy is bold and impulsive, and not necessarily a great team player. She also has understandable trust issues and prefers to work alone. Unhindered, her strength is likely to be matched by few in the new Elite Force and her look is perfect for de facto Leader, should she choose to accept it and those who hold it stand aside.