Captain Liberty

fighting skills:76

Trent Anderson worked his whole life to become a superhero only to find that Elite Force rejected any males in their front line order. Due to his impressive super-strength he was invited by them to train female heroes for combat missions. Often by posing as a villain and using his powers to give them an idea of someone they might come up against.


Trent is very bitter about not being given a major role within the unit. He feels that he is the victim of sexism and would be the leader of the group had they chosen a more collective policy. Trent has more going against him than merely his gender however. He has a significant drinking problem and is deemed very politically incorrect and unreliable, something which the force would not wish the public to see.


Most of his training sessions were marked by brutality and a cockiness which was considered unhelpful so he was put on gardening leave. He also has a tendency to take an unprofessional interest in some of the girls.