Catherine Marks

Fighting Skills:


Catherine has been contracted by Red Mist to oversee the takeover and dismantling of the previous training facilities for Elite Force recruits, part of this job involved reviewing security tapes where she stumbled upon a secret that would shake the foundations of the organisation. Catherine was smart enough to know that if she took the tape to the Red Mist hierarchy her life would be in immediate danger. Instead she contacts Michael Sampson, the former head of Elite Force who is now on indefinite gardening leave. Sampson is fearful for the ex-operatives and trainees of Elite Force who are now scattered around the world, and he promises to help Catherine by using sympathetic contacts within the Collective to secure her promotion within Red Mist. The plan now is to get further incriminating evidence against the Romans or anything that can aid the hunted heroines. Catherine gets clearance enough to find out about ‘Capture or Kill’ missions – Red Mist signals assassin squads with information about targets which Catherine can intercept – and attempts to sabotage them where possible. Highly trained in martial arts herself, with no one she can trust nearby and with her own hidden secrets she personally sets out to foil the deadliest and costliest missions. She hopes that with Sampson’s help she can bring together the most powerful elements of the old Elite Force and others deemed dangerous enough to kill so they might stand up against the Red Mist threat that is brainwashing the world.

Catherine is smart and brave, her virtues out-weigh her flaws considerably. She is perhaps too idealistic for her own good, showing a determination to complete her missions which regularly puts her life in danger. Like most intellectuals she was never taken in by the pseudo-religious statements made by James Roman over the past year about his brother and was easily turned against the Red Mist movement on reviewing the old ‘Training Room’ tapes. Without some cause to fight for she becomes very bored and dabbled in drugs during her youth. She has no living family and approaches her quest with little to lose.