Deja Vu

fighting skills:91

Leonie Paris was born to a French mother and English father at a time when super-powered individuals were coming to the fore in society. Leonie was always something of a tom-boy and would regularly get into scrapes with much bigger lads, embarrassing them when she came out on top. She was always a very precise individual and was never seen to make mistakes at anything. Something that stood her in good stead athletically, socially, and in her education. She always seemed to get things right.


Her excellence brought her to the attention of subordinates for Michael Sampson when visiting a gymnastics event that Leonie of course won. While they couldn’t detect a common power in her, wondered if infallibility was the power itself. She joined the Force training program fully once Miss Freedom returned from captivity and was an immediate hit, combining gymnastics with martial arts, her faultless displays wowed everyone. When asked to explain this her cryptic answer was; “I always give myself a second chance.” She took the name ‘Deja Vu’ as a reference to this power she keeps a secret and also her French roots.