fighting skills:92

Originally a light-side Superior, she defected to the dark, seeing their plans for eliminating humanity as much more effective. Defections are rare in Superior society, and mean being disowned by family. It also means that you are never fully accepted into the new faction either. Dominator doesn’t mind, her need for companionship and comfort is extremely low.


Psychotic and cruel, as well as being intensely strong and adept as a fighter makes the Dominator more than a match for any Sapien heroine, and in both the Championship and her missions for Dark Superiors and beyond, she has proven extremely effective. The Deceptress, and Celestia in particular being two of her most dominating conquests.


More recently she broke cover for global TV cameras as the woman tormenting a helpless Miss Freedom. The Elite Force leader was shown in a montage of Dominator’s painful holds and millions watched as she submitted. Dominator then paraded Miss Freedom in chains for the cameras. This grand humiliation would destroy the heroine’s credibility and lead to her seemingly eternal captivity.