fighting skills:68

Dreamweaver is a 2nd generation intake for Elite Force to combat the disappearances of their main heroines due to 7th Dimension Heroine Trading. Bryony was very brave to take on any role at such a dangerous time, with considerable risk of being spirited away by the traders like those before her. However, Bryony’s power as Dreamweaver makes her ability to evade capture considerable. Dreamweaver can place any one person in a living dream, meaning that they can only see the illusion that she creates for them. These illusions usually centre upon giving her adversaries what they want so that they become fully immersed and she can go about her business.


The weakness to this extraordinary power is that it can only be performed on one subject at a time. If faced with more than one foe the second will see the first interacting with nothing and wake them. At this stage Bryony relies on her own strength and combat skills, which are far above normal levels, but not worthy of arch-villains.