Eliza Rose

fighting skills:83

Eliza Rose AKA ‘The Thorn’ is a mercenary assassin recruited by James Roman to deal with the trickiest of Red Mist’s enemies. Unlike most of the people James surrounds himself with, Eliza feels no special allegiance to Red Mist. Her key interest is proving herself among the ‘supposed’ most powerful people in the world. Eliza takes great pride in her accomplishments and has a tendency to be a little complacent in combat. Nevertheless, she is a formidable opponent for just about anyone she might come across.


Eliza has been dispatched by James to be first at hand whenever a sighting of a former Elite Force operative takes place. She is keen to take each of them alone and would feel embittered by any form of defeat. Eliza is endowed with super-strength and has no need for Red Mist pills and stimulants.