Fighting Skills:


Erica was a contemporary of ‘Powerstar’ and one of the original Elite Force trainees. The training was considerably difficult and was backed up by some fairly unbelievable political rhetoric about the dangers of modern society. After some months of training to become an Elite Force operative Erica quit the program, doubting its ideology. This was very disappointing to the Force as Erica possessed considerable powers and was far more approachable than ‘Powerstar’ who was at the time the only other trainee strong enough to lead the unit. The Force pleaded with Erica to come back on board for a few years but she was steadfast. Once Elite Force had discovered the ultra-talented Miss Freedom they gave up on trying to recruit Erica who by then was content to simply help her local Police Force.

Erica, along with the rest of the general public, watched in horror as the terrible events of Powerstar’s capture and possible murder at the hands of Miss Freedom and Sebastian Luner unfolded. She has also heard of Miss Freedoms continuing attempts to assassinate John Roman. Although Miss Freedom is said to be in hiding Erica knew that she is one of the only people in the world that is strong enough to even consider going toe to toe with her. For the good of the world, and with some reluctance, she made herself known to James Roman who now heads up Red Mist while his brother is ill. James appeared to be very grateful to Erica for volunteering but in reality he is sure that if she ever learned the truth about what happened she could become a powerful enemy and someone for dangerous splinter groups to rally around. For this reason he orders Erica’s assassination. It will take place on her first mission where her allies will turn upon her, but will Erica be wise to the attempt?

Erica has the ability to create clones of herself. It is not known how many she can create but she has never created any more than three. She is extremely powerful by herself and when introducing a new clone her power and strength must be shared between them, therefore two Erica’s each have half the strength of one, and three Erica’s a third the strength of one. Beyond that each version of her would be too weak to be effective in a combat situation and could only be deployed for the purposes of confusing an enemy. The clones can be killed and replaced but should an enemy kill the original Erica then it would be over. Her power makes her formidable in a one on one fight, and still useful against multiple foes.

Erica is a free-thinker of quite high intelligence. It was this part of her make-up that made her question Elite Force training methods and decline to join them. She has very strong morals and will not be corrupted. She has never aspired to fame or fortune and has been very happy in her low key role helping the Police where she lives. She is also very tenacious and will make every effort to stop wrong-doing. James Roman is correct in his assertion that she would quickly become a problem were she ever to learn the truth about what Red Mist had done.

After many trials and the disappearance of Miss Freedom, Erica took up a leadership role in Elite Force and fully embraced her once loathed title of ‘Deceptress’.