Fighting Skills:


Charlotte Harding, fondly known as Charlie, grew up in a picturesque English village, surrounded by folklore and tales of legendary heroes. Her father, a retired RAF pilot, shared with her stories of bravery and adventure, while her mother, a local librarian, nurtured her imagination with a vast collection of books on mythology and science fiction.

Charlie’s life took an extraordinary turn when she discovered her ability to teleport and rewind time for brief moments. This revelation came unexpectedly during a hiking trip in the Lake District, where she narrowly escaped a dangerous fall by instinctively teleporting to safety. Over time, she honed these skills, using them discreetly to help those around her.

Her acts of quiet heroism didn’t go unnoticed. Elite Force, a prestigious unit specializing in training and deploying superheroines, approached Charlie with an offer to join their ranks. Initially reluctant, Charlie realized the potential impact she could have and accepted, adopting the alias “Galaxia,” inspired by her fascination with the cosmos.

At Elite Force, Charlie underwent rigorous training, both physically and mentally, to control and enhance her abilities. However, she soon found herself thrust into the field, facing threats that challenged her skills and moral compass. There were concerns, both from Charlie and some of her mentors, that she was being deployed before she was truly ready, adding a layer of tension and self-doubt to her missions.

Galaxia’s path is marked by her struggle to balance the immense responsibility of her powers with her personal life. She often reflects on the ethical implications of her actions and the weight of decisions made in split-second moments. Charlie remains a compassionate, resilient figure, driven by a desire to do good, but also haunted by the fear of making irrevocable mistakes.