Golden Hornet

Fighting Skills:


Amala Mandur was a Bollywood star with a dark secret. In her teens she developed what can only be described as a ‘growth’ protruding from her right hand. Unlike a typical growth, this mutation acted as a form of stinger, going in and out of the flesh to a length of about 12 inches. Amala found this deeply distressing and tried desperately to cover it up so that the press would not find out. She had no control over it and was seriously considering quitting the film business and becoming a recluse to hide from the shame. In a last ditch attempt to solve her problem she used her connections to make secret contact with Elite Force. She was aware that they had some of the most highly qualified mutation scientists on their payroll and hoped that they could help. After much testing and training with Elite Force, Amala found that she could control her stinger at last. A new aspect was also discovered – whenever it came into contact with anything it would secrete a fast acting poison.

Elite Force considered this power worthy of inclusion into the unit and bargained with Amala about becoming a full time operative. They were hopeful also that by securing her services they would open up greater support throughout the Indian sub-continent for the unit. Amala rejected this out of hand, she knew it would be the end of her career if she showed the world her mutation. She did wish to continue to receive care however, and opted to work for Elite Force on an occasional basis provided she could wear a mask, they reluctantly agreed. She was given the name ‘Golden Hornet’ in reference to her lofty position and deadly sting, and after a few successful missions she really began to enjoy the role of a superheroine.