Infinity Girl

Fighting Skills:


Carla Redford had been a computer whizz-kid for as long as anyone could remember. Obsessed by gadgetry and tech, she was the first among her peers to master anything new on the market and seemed to almost bend it to her will.

Supremely confident in her abilities she made herself available to Michael Sampson’s organisation after the Superior invasion attempt upon hearing of its appeal for anyone with useful abilities. Since her skills were outside of the normal strength and speed bracket she was difficult to assess and it took a lot of patience on her part to find an instructor within the organisation to show what she could do. It was far more than a common skill, but in fact the power to become one with circuits, microchips, and the net itself. To be most potent to the cause she needed a job that would put her in contact with Superior technology, and therefore in great danger. She was trained to frequent exhaustion in combat and showed a good aptitude, but when the call came from The Deceptress for her skills it was hard to know if she was ready.

Now a fully-fledged heroine, Infinity Girl has a power that all factions envy and cannot replicate, but with low level fighting skill and so few allies to team up with, she is putting herself in great danger.