Jade Vendetta

fighting skills:89

Jade was part of a powerful French crime family run by her father and two older brothers. As time went by and more stress was placed on their empire, Jenevieve (as she was then known) was called upon more and more to help. Her family began warring with others and this resulted in the murder of her two brothers shortly after their father had died of natural causes. The family fell from its lofty position and Jenevieve was left devastated. She focused hard on regaining her status, and at this time began to notice the beginnings of amazing skills.


Her power, when it developed, was useful in both combat and education. Her ability to focus intensely without distraction on any subject meant that she could learn at rapid speeds. Anything from new languages to fighting techniques and weaponry skills. She favoured a rapier and moved to Japan to strengthen her skills. In combat her focus is such that she can anticipate an opponents moves, giving her an advantage unless she is dealing with a character possessing a form of super speed.


On returning from Japan she became involved in masonic orders that her family had traditionally taken part in. She met lower level members of The Collective who put her name forward for membership in the newly forming Red Mist faction. This excited Jenevieve greatly, and she chose a new name for herself to reflect her status – Jade Vendetta. This name is apt since she takes such a personal and focused interest in her targets. None more so than Miss Freedom.