John Roman

fighting skills:70

John Roman is the elder of the Roman brothers. His father was a senior member of The Collective until his death in 2007 whereupon John took his place on the council. Seen initially as an upstart in the organisation, he soon gained the trust of the ‘Old Guard’ once they discovered he thought as they did about a great many subjects. When the decision was taken to dismantle Elite Force and replace it with Red Mist John stepped forward to oversee matters. The key part of his plan was to discredit Elite Force and especially Miss Freedom publicly, to avoid any outcry over the transition to Red Mist. John is intelligent and thoughtful, he can be cruel but not to great excess and has a good opportunity in time to be the leading light within The Collective.


John’s power is rather like a rechargeable battery. He can store an almost limitless amount of energy, absorbing it without pain, retaining it for as long as he needs to, and expelling it again where necessary. This gives him a tremendous advantage over foes with energy based powers. His brother James can also use this store of energy for his own abilities due to their blood link. When the energy is gone from John’s body neither he nor James can use their powers. John can acquire some energy from the power grid at times of desperation, but it is extremely inefficient, therefore he must seek out super powered beings who he might drain of power on a regular basis.