fighting skills:94

The Ex-Mayor of Lockdown City… Killscape has had a long and brutal association with superheroines that has taken him across the galaxy. His first quarry were the ‘Fail-Safe Sisters’ of Unity City. Both Lockdown and Unity appeared to be engaged in an eternal war, be it hot or cold, and his capture of the Sisters, followed by their many combat trials, was seen as a huge propaganda victory for Lockdown. Unfortunately for Killscape, a ‘peace scandal’ erupted when documents were found by Shadowstar that supported the notion he was actually working with the leadership of Unity City to prolong the war. Though nothing was ever proven, his political career lay in tatters, and he began supporting himself by investing in the galactic heroine trading racket, something very dear to his heart.


When searching for heroines to trade, he found himself on this planet. When the portals closed, he was stuck here, alongside the Iron Drone that he uses as his embodiment. Ever cunning and resourceful, it didn’t take long before he found a good place for his skills and passions… The Equilibrium Corporation.