Fighting Skills:


Helen Campbell was brought up by her Grandmother, who was something of an amateur fortune teller. She would work at Fairgrounds around Scotland and Helen would go with her. Her Grandmother was a charlatan, telling people what they wanted to hear for a small price, but everything changed when Helen had a vision of one of her clients being in a car accident. She pleaded with the client not to get into their car and delayed them long enough to see a truck pile right into it. Had the client been in the car they would have surely been killed. After this Helen received more and more premonitions, but she could only see about 20 seconds into the future. She exploited this as she got older by playing Roulette, she had harnessed her power over time so that she could use it when needed, this meant she would clean up until banned from most venues! She moved onto the Poker circuit where again her ability proved very useful and gained her a degree of fame since she rather foolishly always won, as opposed to occasionally throwing in the odd loss to keep people off her scent. Helen’s story was interesting enough to warrant investigation by Elite Force scouts, and she agreed to test with them.

Her powers were truly exciting and rare. Elite Force wanted to know if she could lengthen her premonition times and develop her powers. It was decided the best way to do this was to put her under stress in the new training room facility. Helen had no combat skills and was very reluctant to take part, but Elite Force offered so much money that she could not refuse.