fighting skills:60

Elizabeth Victoria Clarke – Lizzie to her close friends, was a girl about town, part of the Belgravia Set, and a 4th cousin of the Queen of England when aged 15 she started to develop phenomenal strength. Her diminutive frame made her might all the more impressive as in her highly exclusive gym she began lifting the equipment and not merely the weights attached. Like many in her social strata, Lizzie yearned for excitement and put an application into the desperate Elite Force at the time all of their lead heroines were being captured.


Her parents, Sir George and Lady Mary were horrified by her choice. Not only is Elite Force possibly the most dangerous job in the world, but more importantly quite demeaning, as the once proud Miss Freedom being laid low demonstrated. Lizzie’s power was extremely valuable to the Force at the time and alongside others such as Dreamweaver, she was fast-tracked to active duty. She is now a few years ahead of where she would typically be and is needed for solo missions despite her inexperience. Will her great strength be enough to keep her out of trouble?