Miss Freedom

Fighting Skills:


As a very small child Tamara Steel was involved in a mysterious incident which those at the scene including her mother and a local Police Officer can only describe as “Lightning without rain”. From this point onward the child developed extraordinary strength. Her bone density had increased to abnormal levels and it was felt her strength was a result of muscle development through carrying this extra weight. In her teens however Tamara’s strength increased at a rapid pace, alerting first the US government and then Elite Force to her presence.

She began tests with Elite Force at 17 and quickly proved to be the candidate for group leader they had been hoping to find. Tamara was far stronger than anyone else involved in the unit and coupled with her good looks and media friendly personality she proved a dream for the Elite Force bosses. She was given the title ‘Miss Freedom’ and made the face of the Elite Force brand, regularly taking part in press events to highlight the work Elite Force was doing around the world.

As Miss Freedom she would take care of the larger and more dangerous operations around the world, taking full credit for any successes she took part in. The attention and praise she was receiving went to her head quite quickly however and more and more frequently she would mix in her own personal opinions in interviews, these were increasingly at odds with Elite Force and Collective directives, which caused friction and eventually led many on The Collective council to demand that she be stopped. This would not be easy however, Miss Freedom was beloved by people around the world and her immense strength and near invulnerability made her seem untouchable.

The events of Season 1 would see a significant reduction in her powers however, as the Roman brothers (aided in full by The Collective) put all of their energy into removing her from the scene. Be it luck or determination, she seems to be a born survivor.

As events moved on it was clear that Miss Freedom was tied closely to an outside movement known as the ‘Superiors’. It was they who had endowed her with advanced-tech-based powers as a child. Her mission was to prepare the public for the Superiors to make themselves known. However, a power-grab within that society turned this plan into an invasion. Finally see the danger Miss Freedom fought back, but was too weak to stop it and had to run for her life. Things took a dark turn as she was captured by the Masked Man, who brought her into a galactic and inter-dimensional trading ring. She spent a year in his clutches, only doing as he asked to alleviate her boredom, when finally a stroke of good fortune led her back into the fray at a very important moment.

As ever with Miss Freedom though, one up is always followed by a much greater down. In her pursuit of knowledge when looking into the disappearance of various team-mates, she arranged a meeting with John Roman. This man was a long-time enemy but they had worked together more recently and Miss Freedom hoped things might continue in that spirit. She was dead wrong. Armed with 7th Dimension tech and the sadistic ‘Dominator’, Roman had laid a trap for Miss Freedom. A terrible defeat followed and Miss Freedom’s career was publicly shattered, along with her self-esteem. This might finally have been a defeat too far as she passed into the ownership of the Crown Prince of the 7th Dimension.

As a prisoner of the Crown Prince, her role was entertainment. He would put her in a series of unwinnable situations and watch her fail for his amusement. Her beloved and proud Eagle costume was consigned to the dustbin and replaced with one more suggestive of her master’s true thoughts towards her. Were it not for Celestia and Deceptress’ stunning heroism which imprisoned the Crown Prince, Miss Freedom would still be with him today. Having been freed inadvertently, she sought to rehabilitate her image, which had been shattered publicly by Dominator. In a cruel twist, it would be Dominator again who foiled this rehabilitation with a callous attack, masterminded once more by John Roman, to lay a drug on Miss Freedom to eradicate her powers for good. The wicked plan was successful, and Miss Freedom’s powers finally ebbed away.

At last, without power for the first time since childhood, she learned humility. She began to understand what true heroism was about, and bravely fought for justice on the streets in any way she could.