Nina Hellfire

Fighting Skills:


Nina was an abandoned child left by her teenage mother on the doorstep of an orphanage on the outskirts of Turin. She grew up in care largely although was pushed from one foster parent to another over a period of years. She was an attention seeker and was prone to fits of rage when she did not have it. This was the reason why many foster parents could not put up with her for more than a couple of months. She hated the other children she had to live with and bullied many of them.

At the age of 12 she had an argument with one of the nuns who ran the orphanage about her next placement. Nina refused to go, citing the failures of previous attempts. She flew into a rage and gripped the Nun with all her might and fury, the Bride of Christ screamed in agony so much that Nina let go, disturbed by the effect she had seemingly caused. The Nun was rushed to hospital where it was found she had mild internal burns on her organs. From that point Nina was treated with great fear.

A mysterious Uncle arrived one day to take care of her named Paulo, his references checked out and he worked on the young girls emotions, informing her of the regret her mother felt at abandoning her. He told her of a family secret, about the way their blood boils, and the power to burn the internal organs of anyone they touch in rage. Nina divulged what had happened to the Nun at the orphanage, to which Paulo could only laugh. Nina began to feel that her Uncle did not have her best interests at heart and resolved to do something good with her life, and resolved to join Elite Force.

She was aware that they often sent scouts to fight tournaments and so took part in several, using her power briefly to gain the upper hand. After a year of this she was finally scouted and sent to Elite Force induction. She excelled in combat and her power was useful, if a little sadistic. She was a borderline fail on the psychology tests, but Michael Sampson, the man running Elite Force, felt this could be overcome, and so she was admitted to the unit. She was given the moniker ‘Nina Hellfire’ (her name up to this point had remained Elena Pannucci)  but was not given an operative status as she struggled to listen to any form of authority. Her frustration with the lack of progress caused her to show some very cruel traits when training with other Elite Force hopefuls, and her assessors were concerned that she may never be fit for service.