Fighting Skills:


Rachel Stark was brought up by her Aunt and Uncle after her parents were killed in a car accident. Her childhood was difficult due to her Aunts resentment at having to pay to bring up a child that was not her own. As Rachel grew she formed the opinion that families and friends were ‘over-rated’ and struck out on her own as soon as she could. Her life was changed in her late teens when she came to the aid of a woman being mugged. With one simple punch she floored the mugger, knocking him unconscious. She found that she possessed an amazing energy in her fists, and being the enterprising sort she formulated a plan to bring down a drugs organisation, posing as debt collector to gain trust before destroying the drugs stash and taking all of their money. All the while her strength was increasing, and she seemed to have a need to expel her energy. She had suffered from epileptic seizures since childhood, but they had ceased when she began using her fists on muggers and punching bags. Regularly however she could feel energy building in her and needed to exercise heavily to quell it. Next she took up gymnastics. Her powers were becoming so acute that she rose to Olympic standards in just a few months. The drawback being that this created a buzz and led journalists to her gymnastic club. She was very reluctant to appear on camera because of her previous brushes with drugs gangs, however one viewer would change her life…

His name was Michael Sampson, and it was his job to assemble people with special abilities for a new internationally backed anti-terrorism unit to be called ‘Elite Force’. Michael personally oversaw Rachel’s training and was astonished by her abilities. She was by far the most powerful person they had found to that point, and would only ever be surpassed by Miss Freedom several years later. Rachel was given the moniker ‘Powerstar’ and set about fighting crime at home and abroad with gusto. In truth the build up of energy in her body was becoming a menace, forcing her to work all day and most of the night. It denied her any hope of a meaningful relationship. She kept this situation under wraps for as long as possible.