Red Glory

Fighting Skills:


Anna Li was born in Hong Kong to a Chinese father and British mother in the last years of British rule. Her father was a diplomat for Hong Kong through the transition to Chinese control and Anna grew up in the area.

It was clear from the outset that their was something special about the young girl who excelled in her studies as well as physical activities. Her consistently high grades, consistently at or near the top in such a competitive environment, brought her to the attention of the security services in China. They were looking to build a similar unit to Elite Force but with their own style. Relying on naturally powered individuals looked to be more of a risk since there were no guarantees about the intelligence or quality of character of those who possessed them. With continued technological advances the new recruits to China’s ‘Eastern Elite Force’ were endowed with powers either as part of a costume or embedded in their bodies. For the moment, though impressive, reliability in the field is a big issue.

Anna was given the moniker ‘Red Glory’ as the first qualified member of the EEF, and is said to embody all the finest traits of her country; intellect, courage, and acumen. Her power is over localised gravitational fields, meaning that within a room she can hold down or throw almost any object irrespective of size. The only issue at this time being how long such an energy thirsty power can last in a battle situation.

With the PRC getting more involved in world security post-invasion, much more should be seen of Red Glory on the world stage.