Sebastian Luner

fighting skills:80

Sebastian was born in Spain. His father Julio was a drug trafficker and cold-blooded killer who made no attempt to hide his violent work from his son. He instilled in Sebastian the belief that “the weak should fall, and every life you take makes you stronger”. This was in fact true for Julio, who was dubbed ‘Alma Muerta’ (meaning ‘Dead Soul’) based on his cold attitude and the fact that he’d survived being shot many times. Years later Julio would elaborate on his philosophies, saying that he carried black magic within him, and that Sebastian had inherited this power – for every life he took, another would be added to his own.


When Sebastian was 5 years old, his mother took him and fled to England – an act for which Julio had her killed. But Sebastian eventually forgave his father, and in his teens returned to Spain to work in Julio’s crime syndicate. When Julio was arrested, Sebastian fled to Japan and began working for the Yakuza in Tokyo, earning the nickname ‘The Immortal’. After 5 years he betrayed the Yakuza and returned to Europe to continue his crime spree. He was finally arrested by Powerstar, and Elite Force decided to incarcerate him in their training facility and use him as an opponent for trainees.


Like his father, Sebastian gains an extra life for every one he takes – a motivation to be murderous. It is conceivable that, were he killed enough times, Sebastian’s lives would run out. This hasn’t happened yet, despite many people trying.