Sister Fate

fighting skills:87

The Mighty Sister Fate made her first appearance as a counter being to the all-powerful Super-Bluebird. With the apparent ability to see the future she has an expectation of where the next attack is coming from and often how the entire battle will play out. It appears not to be entirely straightforward however as some opponents have managed to cloud this judgment.


Sister Fate was temporarily endowed with carefully synthesised power to take down Super-Bluebird’s peace mission. This was very successful and resulted in the heroine being de-powered on global television and turned into Sister Fate’s compliant slave in the timeless realm of the 7th Dimension. Sister Fate’s psychotic and sadistic tendencies match well with her sponsor, the Crown Prince, and together they devised all manner of deviant punishments for the Blue Beauty over several millennia until she forgot her existence before the Sister.


The synthesised power did take a toll on Sister Fate herself, and may well have been removed or at least toned down since her victory over Bluebird. She now does the Crown Prince’s bidding against any enemy he sees fit.