fighting skills:80

During the Superior Civil War, measured in Sapien years between 1952 and 1967, a warrior known as Spectrum rose to become the greatest heroine of the Light. Spectrum has the ability to split white light into 6 different colours like a Prism. Each colour gives her a different skill.


Red enhances her attack for finishing a fight or getting out of a tight spot, though it also weakens her defence. Orange enables her to enhance the attack and defence of an ally for a brief period. Yellow limits the heart rate of an opponent, causing them to be slower and weaker for a time.  Green allows her to heal to full strength. Blue is entirely defensive and makes her invulnerable, though she cannot attack while in this state. Lastly, Purple enables her to drain the energy of opponents within a 10 foot radius of her.


All of these amazing abilities in one mighty heroine made Spectrum the best, though she does lack the capability to use them continually and needs considerable recharges between each use.