fighting skills:77

Subber is a UK immigrant from Yugoslavia when his parents fled there in 1992 as war was breaking out. In the short time they endured it the young boy saw several atrocities that were hard for him to comprehend. These events shaped his life and made it much harder for him to trust people. He mixed in criminal circles in London and later became a gun for hire in the underworld. His methodical nature meant that his kills were very difficult to trace. One of his employers introduced Subber to an associate of James Roman. It was made clear that James was looking to avenge his brother by arranging the destruction of all Elite Force operatives and trainees. Subber considered such a mission too difficult but once he was introduced to the ‘Disciple Formula’ – a pill that could greatly enhance strength and agility for a limited period – he became fascinated by the potential contracts. The money on offer to wipe Elite Force operatives off the map would be enough to leave him very wealthy, so he signed up.


Subber has no super powers and relies on the Disciple Pills to go toe to toe with members of Elite Force. The strength and agility it gives him wears off in a couple of hours, and even when ‘juiced’ he would have no defence against mind control, long range blasters, or area of effect powers like radiation.