Suki Deluxe

Fighting Skills:


Suki was born Cassandra Bell in Tokyo, Japan to an American father and half Japanese/American mother. Her father Michael was stationed there and worked for various US and Russian arms companies at different times selling to countries in the region. Cassandra had a strong relationship with her mother Murasaki who taught her a lot about Japanese traditions. Her mother became quite unhappy in the marriage and left Michael when Suki was 8. He had been a poor father and also had quite a vindictive streak so he fought his now ex-wife for custody of Cassandra and with his vast resources won the case. Cassandra was taken away from her mother and left in the care of her father, who would leave her with various nannies. Michael was always upset that he never had a boy so in an attempt to gain her fathers respect Cassandra took up martial arts and was surprisingly good. Michael’s respect remained hard to come by however and eventually she began seeing her mother again. When Michael found out she was packed off to America to study. Cassandra loathed him for this and took on her mothers maiden name ‘Tanaka’ and a new first name ‘Suki’. She was a distracted student and began participating in unlicensed fight tournaments, often winning comfortably due to a sickness that would always come over her opponents in fights. Her winning streak against much larger men gave her a certain amount of local fame and eventually alerted Elite Force scouts.

During the tests for Elite Force entry it was discovered that Suki emitted a low level of gamma radiation, which caused the sickness in her opponents, over time and with training she learned to control this power. As training progressed she also developed a form of X-ray sight, as the waves she emitted moved between X and Gamma. She used this vision to see where opponents might be protecting old injuries and exploited the situation. It took her a long time to master her powers and this meant she spent some years in the Elite Force training program, with no decisions being taken about her future operative status.

Suki gained the moniker ‘Deluxe’ from Dr Richard Humble who stated that she “Always has something extra” when it comes to tenacity and the will to win. Suki can be very hot-headed, particularly with men, whom she struggles to trust. She has never felt as though she particularly belongs anywhere, not considered Japanese by the Japanese, nor American by Americans, there is a danger she could slip into bad habits if she does not find a cause to fight for.