Training Drone

fighting skills:75

The Elite Force Training Drone is the brainchild of Dr Richard Humble. He engineered the unit with his team when it became apparent that potential Elite Force operatives needed to test their powers on something which they could cause damage to. The first version barely moved and simply allowed operatives and trainees to work at full power, most of these units were destroyed in short order. It was felt that the technology could be developed to present more of a challenge to operatives. Firstly by quicker movement, making the drone harder to hit, and then eventually by fighting back. The hope was to give trainees a sense of ‘real world’ experience against a worthwhile foe without the danger of long term damage.


The final drone unit completed in 2009 has four levels of strength. Typically young trainees and operatives with non combative powers would train at level one, while experienced operatives with super strength and/or speed would fight at the challenging level four. A level four drone simulates the power of a medium to high strength operative with extensive combat training, often far more powerful than Elite Force members would encounter in everyday crime fighting.


There is talk of developing the technology further to create a robot army. Dr Humble has dismissed this out of hand however due to the extravagant cost of such a project and his drone’s currently very limited AI.