Fighting Skills:


Sara Silksmith came from a wealthy family. As a child she wanted for nothing and in return was expected to excel in her education and a career in the diplomatic corp. Unfortunately for her parents, Sara had other ideas. As soon as she was old enough she was playing in high stakes poker tournaments, doing drugs, and taking whatever it was she wanted from life.

The trouble with such a life is you might find that you take something that you can’t quite pay for… and that the person who you owe is all too happy to kill you for it. By 21 Sara had acquired a powerful underworld enemy and debts of $2 million. Rather than completely sell her body to pay debts she decided to cage fight against men in Reno and Atlantic City (she was barred from Vegas at this point). Curiously selective about her opponents, she acquired a 10 fight winning streak and was starting to earn well, though sadly too slowly for her creditors. It all ended with her digging a hole in the desert at gun-point when a call came to her would-be executioners. They lowered the gun, informed her that debts were paid and left the baffled Sara. Moments later a helicopter appeared and took the confused girl to meet John Roman. Sara now owed him, and she would pay by explaining her power, dressing as a superheroine, and representing his new supergroup; The Liberty Alliance. He also gave her a new name, one that she would struggle to aspire to.

Virtue has the curious ability to scan and fight people depending upon blood types. Positive blood types have almost no chance against her as the mere presence of a positive life force increases her strength and agility. Unfortunately a negative blood type has no effect on her skills and she must fight as an ordinary mortal. A frustrating power to be sure, but one that means at least half the time she is extremely useful, while the other half must rely on her considerable smarts.