• Yes, yes, yes, yessss! 😀
    Captain Liberty (a personal favourite)
    Chains (always a good choice)
    Dr Progress (always gives a great performance…and I was only thinking the other day that it’s been a while since we’ve seen him)
    The Danger Room (great to see it back, too)

    That’s what I call a perfect recipe 🙂

  • My worse nightmare is that we have to wait a few weeks for this one 🙂 Hurray for Captain Liberty in the Danger room ! Bring on the chains ! 🙂

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Oh, yes! I feel like every Captain Liberty video is a potential all-time great, so this is terrific news. I hope it won’t be too long.
    That said, this week’s video has to be Majesty, right? I mean given the circumstances…

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