• Darkwrath016 says:

    Aren’t all three of these heroines Guardian Angels or something. Why would Lady X know anything about Elite Force. Guess we’ll find out soon enough I suppose.

    • I expect this is part of the ongoing story, and if so it relates back to what happened in the last entry “Acolyte”. In that one, Killscape has LX fight the Acolyte and at one point she expresses a positive opinion of some of the Elite Force heroines, leading Killscape to conclude that they must have tried to recruit her. He orders Acolyte to detain her so they can learn who. Looks like this is the interrogation.

      • Correction, not the last entry, that was “Touching Darkness” (still reeling from that one.) It was the one before that.
        Love seeing the team together like this! The only thing better than a heroine duo is a heroine trio.

        • I was gonna say, but even in her last adventure, she expressed “wanting to do more good in the world”, and answered an emergency call over Elite Force’s frequency. It seems Killscape might’ve already had his suspicions.

      • It’s amusing that she has to endure this interrogation when she’s obviously completely loyal and Killscape is just paranoid. Hopefully even after this she’s still loyal, I enjoy her role and referring to him as ‘Master’ way too much.

        • Yeah, Lady X has always been very loyal, but she’s also the most reasonable and fair-minded Guardian Angel, which was bound to trigger Killscape’s paranoia sooner or later. I’ve really enjoyed Lady X’s conflicted state of mind in many of the situations she’s faced. The actress has a great time with her anxious nature.

          • For a while now, I’ve been feeling like as if Lady X has been “playing along”, expressing her loyalty and calling Killscape “master” and all.
            It’s like she’s had that nagging feeling for a while now that she zigged when she should’ve zagged, but now she in this situation, so she’s making the best of it until she can figure a way out of it.

  • Lady X gets no respect. First Killscape, now Shining Spirit and Patriot-Girl want to run her through the wringer 🙂

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