• Yes Yes Yesss!!!! Great to see her get an NGC character, and loving the costume!
    MAF and I often disagree on costumes, but after her Deceptress and Miss Freedom photosets, we both agreed that Maria totally rocked catsuits. And she looks incredible in this shiny red one!!!

    Now I’m thoroughly teased. Can’t wait to see more

    • Indeed gotta agree here!

      Pretty sure she would look fantastic in anything but so glad to see her get her own costume. Love the subtle shine that red fabric has, I bet it looks fantastic under the sun! And the best thing about that cape is that it can backfire and be used against here!

      I assumed she would be one of the first actresses in the costume swap series, but it’s better seeing her debut with a character of her own first 😁 Her AC performance was solid enough!

  • One of the things that made this actress such a standout for me in her AC debut was her line delivery. It’s unbelievably strong and really suits a heroic character. Glad to see her finally make an appearance here!

    (Also three cheers for the variant of the Miss Freedom catsuit).

  • Like the former Clara Campbell, Maria shall fade into history, replaced with FIREBRAND.
    Love it. Can’t wait to see the video.

  • Ginaaaaaaa says:

    How interesting to welcome another new actor? I look forward to getting to know his work.


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