• Sadly the Suki Deluxe costume became the Comet Girl costume. It sounds fun but hopefully this actress can carve out her own thing.

      • I always assumed that was the case since the fabric was the same, which would also explain why it never came back in any shape or form even if it was fantastic (specially with that wet look it had)

        And I hope she finds her own niche indeed!

  • Orcaman001 says:

    Hmmm just an idea but what about a Toys theme combat type senerio.
    Miracle chick vs a robotic duplicate of herself developed by Chaotica herself

    Or is there only one miracle chick costume ? ?
    Could be one hell of an on going story series 🙂

    • It’s one of those ideas that would be very cool in theory, but a practical nightmare. Yes, we only have one Miracle Chick costume, but beyond getting a second made, a big issue would be finding an appropriate body double to do all the reverse shots with. The same height, build, skin tone, hair… Which is why such scenes in TV and film tend to be way shorter than our videos!

      • Maybe not an exact copy but a “replacement” made for her either by her superiors or evil organization, who want the original to step down and let this new and improved version take over the mantle. That way you only need to duplicate the costume but can find a different actress to play to new version of the heroine.

        It could very well be a fight of mind vs brawn, trying to use superior skills or tactics learnt from experience to defeat her “superior” version

    (sorry, just kidding)
    New actress looks amazing. I look forward to seeing her video.
    …also, quick question about costumes, since the discussion has come up….
    What happens to the costumes of characters that are no longer around, like Golden Hornet or The Steel Sister?
    Are they sold to other producers or do you have a huge bunker under your house that stores all the stuff you don’t so much anymore?
    Juat curious.

    • For the most part they are in storage where I live. I don’t think I have the Golden Hornet one though, I haven’t seen it in years. I don’t sell them to other producers. I’ve never been asked by anyone to sell to them.

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