Coming Soon…

Whether you think Sunday’s are the end or beginning of the week, it’s always a good time for a teaser… We plan to have more teasers uploaded for upcoming videos as time goes by, enjoy this one, it isn’t next week’s release, but it isn’t far off either.


  • I think you’ve got us all very excited for the future! Can really tell you guys at ngc have been working very hard. Hope we get to see a ubiquity squash!

  • I think other producers have stopped showing future teasers because of some people posting daily ‘When is this one coming out ?’. This one does look good though as we don’t often see 2 superheroines fight each other :

    • Exactly I love how he shows a teaser then is like don’t worry this will be coming very shortly, such a nice man!

    • Lol, well maybe they don’t know themselves! I can promise you that I know the date, and when you’re releasing weekly videos there isn’t much point telling you about something coming out in 6 months!

  • Yes! More Lady X!
    Realy enjoyed her last video. That’s going to be one of my faves here.
    Can’t wait to see this one.
    Thanks NGC! =)

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