Create-A-Character: Ali Icestorm


REAL NAME: unknown

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 5’6″

WEIGHT: 120 lbs

BODY TYPE: athletic, slim, 36B bust

FEATURES: pale skin, silver eyes, short baby blue hair


Skin-tight white catsuit (no belt), light blue tribal pattern all over, dark blue shoulder pads, light blue knee pads, light blue shin guards, dark blue ribbon from her left shoulder (used for distraction).


Can manipulate hydrogen and oxygen to create water from air; turns it to ice, freezing whatever she touches.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, non-perfected Jeet Kune Do concepts.


Since she isn’t very strong, large opponents are her weakness. And heat, of course.


Lone ranger, looking for fights to block her mind from pain.


Most of her backstory is unknown. This is just what she read in a genetics scientist’s notes:

“When Ali was born, her mother died from the birth. When her father heard, he committed suicide. Left alone, she was adopted by me. She was only 6 months when the tests began. Before you know it, she began to learn to control herself more. The chemicals turned her hair blue, and her eyes blue and silver. She can control temperature and some molecules to create ice from water she created herself… magnificent, my creation…”

She knew she was different… knew she had no friends, no home, no one to love her. She read the scientist’s notes, and at 12 years old she killed him.

She was alone. She had to make money to live. She tried performing, but was looked at as a freak. So she killed people, then she got arrested and put in jail. Then she learned to fight. She showed the prisoners her ice abilities. They all wanted a piece of her, so she fought back. After various fights she was moved to a cell with a Jeet Kune Do master named Rudy, who had killed an opponent. Rudy was the best – she beat all the guys. But she had finally gone too far and killed someone. Now, she had to teach Ali to become a fighting machine.

Ali incorporated her ice into her fighting. She can freeze her hands and punch with ice fists. She can cool down her opponent’s body to make injuries hurt twice as much. And she can freeze small sections of her opponents (such as a foot) to the ground, or even herself to her opponents.

When she escaped prison at the age of 18, she became an underground phenomenon and won lots of money. That’s where the name Ali Icestorm started. With the money, she got a suit that holds in cold and can help her create ice better, or even protect her from various amounts of heat. Though not a super-strong material, it can withstand most falls without ripping.

Present day, you can find her meditating… trying to find inner peace… trying to stop the pain of killing the only man to have taken care of her. Wondering what her parents were like… wondering if this torture will ever end… and still evading the police at all costs.

“I don’t believe that love exists – if it does, why does nobody love me?”

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