Create-A-Character: Diary: Part 1

With just 8 days to go before we release the ‘Shadowstar’ video, I am going to delve into the timetable of this whole exercise and remind people of how it came about.

At the turn of the year I announced that we would be giving viewers and users of our site the chance to create a character that would then appear in her own film. It actually went a bit deeper than that. Not only would this new heroine appear in a new film but she would complete the line-up of a 5 Heroine Fighting Force called ‘The Fail-Safe Sisters’ (try saying that sentence quickly). I was confident enough in the ideas and decision making of our viewers to base a long term character around them.

In late January and the weeks that followed we received a handful of very strong ideas. As many as I’d hoped for. I didn’t want 100 characters as that would diminish the mandate of whichever character was chosen, and I didn’t want 1 idea as it might not be interesting and it’s not really democracy is it?

7 entries were put in a poll for members to coincide with the release of Season 1 Episode 2 in February. It was decided, by you, or at least 35% of those who voted, that ‘Shadowstar’ was the winner. It was key that you should not wait a year to see this character come to fruition, so we set about casting right away…

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