Create-A-Character: Diary Part 2

As stated before we really wanted the gap between people choosing the character and bringing her to life to be as short as possible. I sent out casting calls for this part and with a view to filling the other 4 roles of the Fail-Safe Sisters and got a very strong response of about 500 candidates. We had a days casting in late February and found who we wanted. More on that next week…

Meanwhile the next important thing was to arrange the costume as closely to the design as possible. If we couldn’t manage this then there would be little point in embarking on Create-A-Character at all. In fact, although we may not be able to do this again for a while I am always open to receiving costume designs and ideas that people may have. Our costume maker wanted to know more about the materials needed and we had to decide whether or not the emblem was mesh or solid gold, or if we went with wet look black material, and if the other colour was blue or purple:

In the end we went for a gold emblem as that was my interpretation of the design, wet look black and a material that shifted between blue and purple depending upon the light. Combined with black satin gloves and black boots we had a simple but effective ensemble. Something I will show you in the coming days…. (1 Week until release for members, FREE Membership if you CLICK HERE)

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