Create-A-Character: Lumina


REAL NAME: Lori Incandezi

AGE: 22 – 25 approx.

HEIGHT: 5’9″

BODY TYPE: quite strong and voluptuous

FEATURES: long black hair



Bright yellow catsuit, grey Batman-style cape, long grey gloves, black belt and thigh boots.


Lumina uses her control over light to dazzle and blind her foes so that she can defeat them. She also has above-average strength and good fighting skills, making her a powerful superheroine.


Her powers are far less effective in daylight or well-lit rooms than in darkness; for that reason she is a mostly nocturnal superheroine. Any foe who found out her weakness would have a better chance of defeating her, although she is still quite strong.


Born in Kingston, Jamaica and spending the last 5 years of adult life in the USA, Lumina has grown into a mighty superheroine, stronger than most and with a long string of victories to her name. She used to be challenged when she first started at the age of 16, as her power over light was only low-level. However, her strength has more than doubled since then. Her beginnings were as a vigilante, but once she proved herself a champion of justice and fair play she was welcomed into the law enforcement community of New York City where she now resides.

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