Create-A-Character: NightCat


REAL NAME: Sarah Jennings

HEIGHT: 5’7″

WEIGHT: 120 lbs

BODY TYPE: slim, petite, toned

FEATURES: black or brown hair


Skin-tight bodysuit, coloured black, violet or charcoal. Same material as Suki/Angel but with the zipper on the back, or a shiny leather bodysuit. It is equipped with a loose-fitting belt, tight long black gloves and boots. NightCat also wears a small black mask around her eyes or sometimes goggles (like Catwoman) which have a night-vision feature, and a small Bluetooth headset on her ear to stay in touch with her base. She wears her hair in a pony tail, but it often comes loose when combat gets rough.


Peak-trained athlete and gymnast, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, with stealth capabilities. Each one of her gloves contain brass metal over the knuckles and razor-sharp retractable claws on her fingertips. Her nimble frame allows her to silently sneak up on enemies and disable them without being detected.

NightCat’s abilities make her a valuable asset to her organization. She is nimble, stealthy, and can squeeze through small areas (vents, windows, etc.). She rarely gets spotted. When she does, she has almost no trouble taking on many henchmen at once. When NightCat becomes overwhelmed she uses her claws. She also has a small Taser in her belt, but only uses that as a last resort. Her belt contains pockets of smoke pellets for making an escape, and caltrops to leave as traps when needed. Her missions occasionally get ugly, but more often than not she comes out successful with minor injuries.


Although she is a highly skilled fighter, NightCat has a hard time taking punches. She is all offense and no defense. Her body is well-toned and petite which allows her to be agile and sneaky, but this also means she is somewhat fragile to blows – especially from super-strong foes or henchmen carrying blunt objects. Her costume is thin and offers no physical protection. Her body has suffered a hard beating before by a superpowered nemesis, which left her with broken ribs, a severely bruised abdomen, torn thigh muscles and a fractured pelvis. Although she hates to admit it, NightCat has been more vulnerable in these areas ever since. Most foes don’t know that, but her nemesis does, whom NightCat will inevitably meet again. She can handle your day-to-day thug, but a superpowered villain/villainess is a different story and she could end up in a huge struggle for life.


Sarah works for a secret organization run by women, named the Femme Fatales. Their intent is to stop another evil organization with plans of world domination (and whatnot) publicly known as the X-Heroines (much like Elite Force and Red Mist). Sarah’s job is to work under her alias of NightCat, sneak into an enemy base at night and acquire or retrieve valuable or stolen information (files, flash drives, etc.). She is also used to rescue fellow heroines when they are captured. There is always another heroine who remains at base in front of a computer monitoring NightCat, and communicates with her via Bluetooth. She informs NightCat of nearby enemies, hidden doors, quick exits, hiding spots, and counts her enemies for her when she’s in battle. This heroine also tracks Cat’s vital signs and alerts her when she has taken too much damage in a certain area and should abort the mission. If Cat is in grave danger, this Heroine leaves base and comes to her rescue. Luckily this has only happened once, when NightCat unexpectedly ran into her nemesis – one of the elites in the X-Heroines named Holley Lara – who left her severely battered and bruised.


  • This is my kind of heroine. Not entirely unbeatable, but capable of giving as good as she gets. Not extraordinary superpowers, but realistically empowered. The shock she gets in being defeated should be mirrored by ours, but otherwise we should share her thrill at being victorious – it is not always about her peril.
    I hope she gets her chance on screen.

  • Yeah I like heroines more realistic as well. I was really hoping she’d win but got beat out by Shadowstar, who I wont lie sounds like a great heroine as well.

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