Create-A-Character: Shadowstar


REAL NAME: Monica Cadenza

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 5’6″ – 5’10”

WEIGHT: 125 lbs



Gold ‘Supernova’ emblem, black and navy blue split top, high-cut leotard but raised to throat, bare shoulders, long black gloves, long black boots.


Shadowstar is a Mistress of Dark Energy, and at times of need she can use it to draw strength directly from her foes, strengthening her and weakening them.


Prone to complacency, she can be proud and assume victory when it has not yet been achieved. She underestimates the cruelty and resourcefulness of her enemies, as despite her experience she is still quite naive and innocent about the world.


Shadowstar has been fighting for liberty since her 18th birthday, when she decided to use her power over dark energy to help the forces of good. She is beautiful and virtuous and extremely popular with the public that she protects, turning into a big television celebrity beyond a superheroine. In recent times she has begun to struggle against wrongdoers, as they have all begun to join together in a pact of evil to finally destroy her. Will she be able to survive?


  • Knowing that she wont return, could we at least see her again in a mini comic book perhaps? That angle of her being a big television celebrity could be useful in a story of a televised defeat of the public’s heroine.

    • I’d like to do more comic books but since Danny Ryan had to stop we’ve had trouble finding a consistent creator. Several people have suggested themselves but then either don’t follow up when emailed or just can’t seem to create in the time frame that we need. A shame.

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