Custom Update

Hello All,

I thought I’d send this out in order to plead for a bit of patience and explain why. I get A LOT of custom requests, and we only have about 10-12 slots available per year, so people in the main don’t get one. I had hoped this year we’d be able to fulfil a good amount of requests, and we still might, but it could take a bit longer, and here’s why…

Over the winter we embarked on the biggest recruitment drive we’ve had since we started in 2009. The pandemic caused us to shoot far less in 2020 and a bit less in 2021 than we ordinarily would, and it also resulted in several people retiring, stopping, becoming unavailable. I’ve covered this before so I won’t go any deeper than that. Anyway, through 2021 we acquired a few new heroines: new Majesty, Alias, and our new Marvelette who will eventually appear as ‘Shining Spirit’, a new character. In February this year we had a very involved casting process and have acquired some excellent heroines and villains from that, then we had to devise characters for them, design and make costumes, film them, edit them, add these new videos to the release schedule, and we are somewhere along that process with each of them.

The people we have coming in are really great. I think this is the strongest cast we’ve ever had. Not to denigrate the brilliant people we’ve had in the past, but they actually weren’t all available at the same time, even if it seemed that way from the order we released videos. Right now I’ve got about 10 fantastic heroines I could call today to shoot with, but you only know half of them! This was never the case in the past, it was probably 5 or 6 maximum at any one time.

The point of all this waffle is to say that I can’t open customs and end up with lots of releases in the can from just a few heroines, because then I won’t be able to have balanced releases in the future, and it will make it more likely that I lose touch with someone I over-shoot this year, as I won’t need them for ages. It’s a tricky balance to strike.

I hope to release videos with everyone by the end of September, and will aim to open customs before then, and then work primarily on customs in the Autumn with a full complement of characters available. While there is always character churn as people leave and come back, or leave and don’t come back, I never expect such an influx of new characters as you are about to see. I hope you will support them as they come on line and begin to get released, probably in Photo Set Tuesday’s first, followed by video.


  • Thanks for the explanation ! NGC has done a great job with dealing with all of the chaos and with dealing with the New Casting Crisis for the last 2 years ! 🙂

  • Yes, thank you for keeping us updated, NGC.
    Look forward to seeing the new heroines that haven’t been presented yet.

  • I’m always excited to see new characters make a debut, and get to know them. All the recent new additions have been amazing, so I trust your casting skill.
    (speaking of new heroines, I just re-watched the video with Silver Bullet. I definitely hope there’ll be more of her to come)
    Personally, I’ve never really considered ordering a custom, since you always seem to deliver what I want to see anyway 🙂

  • Well, I suppose people ordering customs would like to see the new recruits in action…maybe they fall in love with them and want to change the casting in their customs!!

    Congrats on the recruitment!!

  • I’m really hoping i can ask for a custom from you by the mid or end of this summer. My dream heroine for the custom would be the new Marvellete. I hope by then you can accept it. I shall write to you by then.

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