Customs Update

Just a note for those people who opened Friday’s Birthday email and contacted me about customs. I got a very big response, as I partially feared due to the bottleneck caused by bringing in new heroines that no one had seen yet, and others becoming unavailable over the pandemic period and for other reasons.

I might do a couple more slots in the Autumn than I had intended to, because I’ve had quite a few interesting ideas. If I don’t pick yours it isn’t necessarily that the idea is bad, it is more likely because I couldn’t get a date to fit with the heroine you wanted that also fitted with the other things you wanted. There are also factors such as not making loads with just one or two characters. You’ll note that even the most regular heroines only appear on this site maybe 6 times a year, so I can’t do 6 customs with them or there’s no room to do our own stuff without making them pop up too often.

What I’m doing is placing all the viable ideas on a waiting list, and I will get to you when it’s possible to do yours, but that might end up being next year in some cases. I might find that I email you in February/March and you don’t want to do it anymore, that’s fine. I can’t really do much else. I definitely don’t want to go down the route of being 50-100% customs. I’m not knocking anyone who does that, it’s up to them, I just enjoy the shoots far less if they become a box ticking exercise, and if I don’t enjoy the shoots, then NGC ends ultimately.

I need to think of a way that can satisfy people who want customs maybe in a simpler way that is partially collaborative, although I kind of feel that’s what we’re already doing.

Anyway, if you don’t hear from me having discussed a custom over the last few days, then it is just because I’m not close to booking it in, and I will be in touch. Unless the last email was from me querying something, in which case you won’t be on the waiting list yet.


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