Customs Update

Members who open their emails will have noticed on Friday that we’ve re-opened customs again. The above pic gives a sample of who might be available. There’s no certainty in this game, only probability. If someone you want isn’t in this picture, they might still be available, so I don’t mind an enquiry. However, if people want heroines we’ve not shot with since before the pandemic; Bluebird, Spectrum, Athena?! then all I can say is it is very unlikely, but as Ted DiBiase used to say; “Everybody has a price”, so who knows?

There’s limited slots, and we’ll shoot these from late-August until November. Any we set up now will generally be earlier in that cycle, but it depends on actress availability. If your idea is very hard to film the quote will be much higher and probably make your chances very slim. Your best opportunity is to pick someone we’ve released a video with recently, and keep it pretty simple. I know our prices for these things remain competitive in this marketplace.


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