Death’s Door – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, and Sunday on this website… ‘Death’s Door’ sees Wonderstrike pulled into one of Dreadbringer’s illusions. The conjuring trickster has malice in mind as he pretends to be a civilian victim of a robbery. Instead, his plans are far more sinister for Wonderstrike and Elite Force!


  • FINALLY! I have been waiting for this guy to make the main roster videos for what seems like eons! (or maybe he has and I just forgot, in which case, sorry!)

    The last preview picture holds so much potential in my eyes, this is an insta-buy with 2 can’t-miss performers. Friday can’t come soon enough!

  • I loved the Captain Liberty video with Dreadbringer. His power gives huge scope for some cool stories, plus the actor has been top-notch in all his appearances.

    And Wonderstrike is on an absolute roll right now, giving some of her best ever performances. Really looking forward to seeing these two together 🙂

    oh my! Picture 7 😮

    • Gotta say I’m instantly falling in love with Wonderstrike in pic 7 the moment I see that pic-that face and expression of Wonderstrikes’, it’s truly a gem.

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