Death’s Door – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, and Sunday for everyone else on this website… Using cunning illusions, Dreadbringer has locked Wonderstrike in a room for a deathmatch. The delicate sensors that hold them both prisoner can detect heartbeats… two of them, when only one is heard, the doors will unlock. Wonderstrike is a brave and virtuous superheroine, surely she won’t kill? But when Dreadbringer reveals the extent of his plan, she may change her mind! Catch all the action NOW if you are a Member.


  • Incredible!
    I’ve been saying it a lot, but Wonderstrike is really killing it right now, giving some of her very best performances. In the past, I always particularly enjoyed the catty Wonderstrike, or the funny disguised Wonderstrike (she’s brilliant at all that), but recently she’s been playing Wonderstrike with an added intensity that’s often astonishing to watch.

    That intensity was matched by Dreadbringer, who has quickly become my favourite bad-guy actor, in any of the rolls he plays. The performances of both leads were electrifying to watch, backed by plot that was really cool and different.

    And the huge photo-set is not to be missed. Lots of gorgeous posed shots, action shots and chained up shots (plus a sequence of close-up face-punches that Carlos will absolutely love 😉 )

  • Neat. I like how Dreadbringer’s attire makes him look like some kind of demented pixie. An evil Dreamweaver. The run of top tier Wonderstike releases continues!

    • I’ve long been a fan of Wonderstrike’s chloroform scenes and this is a really good one. She knows how to pace it, not too long but long enough to see her gradually surrender, and her vocalizations are always spot-on, IMO. This one is especially good, because Dreadbringer adds some nice touches, softly shushing and whispering her to sleep.
      Your mileage may vary, of course, but I thought it was well done.

          • Yes, Wonderstrike and Dreadbringer descend out of frame as she’s succumbing, but the POV cuts to show her from above as he gently guides her to the ground. The cloth stays on her face until she’s at rest, then he lifts it quickly and the shot lingers on her for a few seconds.

  • Wonderstrike looks great and her acting was great too. The Dreadbringer actor was great too as a creepy villain. Other than the chloro and chain parts, I also liked Wonderstrike’s knee to Dreadbringer’s face, the neck snap scene and when Wonderstrike prods the ‘dead body’ with her foot to make sure that they are dead. Overall a great vid !

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